Blog Humor – Ensure Your Reader’s Enjoyment by Keeping it Fun

Keeping a blog updated can be hard work. Keeping it entertaining is even harder. When you focus too much on getting content on your site, you may overlook the fact that people actually have to read your posts. If they don’t like what they are reading, or if they find that they are entertained more by another blog, they may leave you behind like yesterday’s news. It doesn’t have to be hard to add humor to your blog. You just have to keep a few key points in mind:

Be yourself. Blog readers can smell a phony a mile away. If you try to be someone you’re not, you’ll eventually get found out and people will stop viewing you as an authority. You have your own sense of style, so let it show in your posts. Don’t try to be Adam Sandler or Conan O’Brien. Their blog posts reflect their own comedic style, and yours should too. If you think it is funny, then people that have the same kind of personality as you will also find it funny. Those that don’t will either appreciate you for being genuine, or will move on to another blog that fits them better.

Consider your audience. If you are in a specific niche you will want to cater to that niche as much as possible. Take into consideration the typical demographics of people that would be reading your blog. Are they younger than you, older than you, the same age as you? Are they Democrats or Republicans? Conservative or Liberal. You shouldn’t bend over backwards to keep your core audience happy, but you don’t want to consistently upset them either. Remember the first rule to always be yourself, and never break that rule to pander to your audience.

Keep it consistent. If you are consistent with your style and sense of humor on your blog you will develop loyal followers. Think about David Letterman. His shows contain lots of humor that only loyal fans to his show would appreciate. If you watch his shows daily, you start to “tap in” to how his mind works, how he delivers his jokes, and what his inside jokes and references mean. He does this by being consistent and following the first two rules. If you do the same thing, your readers will eventually get used to your style, and will understand you more and more.

Read it out loud. Before you push the Post button you’ll want to read your update out loud. This helps to catch any mistakes in your phrasing, and it also lets you know if you’ve achieved humor or not. If it sounds funny when you hear it spoken, it should translate to a chuckle when your audience reads it.