Presidential Convention Blogger Tent?

Apparently, Google is going to set up a huge tent outside the democrat convention in Denver for bloggers who will be blogging about the event. Perhaps, you are unaware that there are some 500 dedicated bloggers who helped Senator Barrack Obama with his rise to Stardom. Well, these bloggers, many of them are still at it attempting to get the word out and get Obama elected. Google realizes that they want to be involved in the race to show their technological and Internet prowess.

The Republicans have about 200 dedicated bloggers out there, not as many as the democrats, but a respectable number of fully dedicated individuals. These bloggers are actually certified with credentials from the national parties. Each of the credentialed bloggers has a vast amount of knowledge of current political events.

So, what will these “big Google Tents” have in the way of accommodations? Well, they will have high-speed Internet access, electricity, food, couches, beverages, smoothies, and HD TV of all the news media. Cost, $100 for entry and a work station to blog away on. And these are not little tents, we are talking some 8,000 square feet or so.

For those who do not have the respect for the Blogosphere or do not understand what it is all about or why it matters, soon they will see just why it may be the bloggers that swing this election. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are counting on their bloggers to make a difference. Will it be enough, can they make a difference? We shall see, but one thing for sure, either way they are making history.