What Blog is Right For You?

While it is good to enjoy some sense of being unique, it is substantially easier to promote a blog among like-minded individuals who share the same passion and interests. Here is a sample of some of the common types of blogs currently out today. These are included simply as an additional bit of information and to offer a (somewhat limited) number of options to the person considering starting a new blog for fun and profit.

It has been said many times that the blog should be about something of interest to the blogger. One other very important factor to consider is the source of revenues that will be generated by the blog. Finding the correct audience is going to be important if the blog is to be profitable as well as fun.

Political blogs are a very widespread item in today’s market. Whether the blog is done from the perspective of a Democrat, a Republican or a Libertarian, or even some of the other, more extreme and less well known parties, the conversations, threads and forums will ultimately be joined by a diverse group of people, all of whom have their own unique views and ideas.

These blogs frequently include heated discussion and debate and often turn into name calling matches. However, the sheer number of political blogs makes it easy to begin establishing relationships and building links to and from other sites which will help build traffic more quickly.

It is highly recommended that anybody who wishes to establish a blog with a political theme remember that any threats on a person’s life, whether real or implied will result in MIB (Men in black) knocking on the door and speaking with the creator in a not so pleasant manner. While all blog postings should be monitored to an extent, these blogs do require a bit more attention than some.

Current Events blogs are common. While these formats often turn into political debates, the readers are usually a fairly stable and conscious crowd. This type of blog is not recommended for everyone as it is a little more difficult when it comes to marketing and promotions. The standard demographics for these blogs are very similar to those of the political sites. The average users are middle aged or a little older and usually do have a little more discretionary disposable income.

Fan club and celebrity blogs are fairly common, but not overly so. While the readership is usually very limited, the participation is usually quite high. The crowds that frequent these blogs usually are a bit younger and do not have as much cash to spend as those in some other demographic groups. While sales may be profitable at first, these are not usually good long term blogs for making money as celebrity status often fades away all too quickly.

Technology based blogs are all the rage. The demographics for these blogs vary greatly. It can be a pretty safe bet that technology is here to stay. If the person creating a blog is technically inclined, these types of blogs are a good, long-term and relatively monitor-free blog environment. The discussion in regards to technology rarely turns to heated discussion with the exception of which video card is better or which chipset. Marketing can be relatively easy and the crowds that frequent these sites are usually well informed, and usually have steady sources of income for purchasing power. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds so there is never a shortage of materials to post.

Common Interest blogs are a fairly popular option as well. This could include anything from RV owners, fishermen, tradesmen, and on down the line. It would be important here also to remember that the product you are selling has to be directly related to the crowd who will be seeing it. Whether you are selling e-books, information or crafts or anything else, the target audience must be the same for your blog as they are for your products. Obviously, the demographics here will vary depending on which type of common interest groups are marketed towards. Usually the readership will be limited and the growth potential along with it.

Hobby blogs are very similar to the arts and crafts blogs. The readership will depend on the inclusion of posts that contain relevant information. The selection of basing a blog on hobbies can be especially good since it can safely be assumed the target audience is either already spending money on their hobby, or is someone interested in the hobby who already knows it will cost money. While the audiences can be limited, enthusiasts are known to congregate. Word of mouth spreads quickly making marketing easier as long as there is content that is relevant.

While the list of blogs and blogging concepts is almost limitless, this will hopefully give the reader a good starting point. Just to reiterate, finding the right audience for your products and/or services is every bit as important finding something you are interested in if you want to make money, have fun and enjoy life through the profitable venture of blogging.