YouTube Your Business Baby!

Would you ever think that a video site on the internet could affect elections? Yeah that’s right, YouTube – the most popular video sharing service — played a role in this year’s election and believe it or not, had a helping hand in removing the republicans from office.

Now if YouTube can help shift things politically, imagine what it can do for you and the image of your venture.

What if you were to actually start filming what you were doing with your business on a daily basis? You could wake up in the morning and start your business as usual and throughout the day you can make a few video entries of what you are doing and why.

I think that would rock. Just imagine being able to watch other young entrepreneurs in action and having them share what they are doing to grow their business – that sort of information would be priceless!

I think that many entrepreneurs would tune in to get updates on what’s going on with the particular entrepreneurs that they are following. But what’s great about it, is the chance for young entrepreneurs to market their business.

Just think about it: if you have large audiences of people tuning in to watch your video updates on how you run your company and the information that you are sharing with the world, then they are naturally going to want to learn more about your company – the ins-and-outs of your venture.

YouTube is the perfect platform to launch these video and get the buzz going about your business. It’s a win-win: you’re helping the world of young entrepreneurs by sharing information/educating and you’re also helping to build a brand for yourself and your business at the same time. You can’t lose. Marketing meets education!

Look at Oprah, people tune into her show because they know that they are going to be educated on a particular subject, i.e., rapist, sex offenders, charity, cooking, shopping, and the list goes on. The viewers are constantly winning because they are learning and Oprah continues to solidify her position as the number one talk show host.

I would venture to say that after television, online video is the most powerful medium of communication in the world. So take advantage of that! Leverage your company with that! Time is of the essence, so get to it today.

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